In the light of the infamous Frog that Photobombed

the NASA launch, I have compiled my favourite photobombs from the world wide web!

You can see the huffington post’s Frog Photobomb here, they have a photoshopped version of a frog in an astronauts suite that is priceless!

Frog in Nasa Launch

Now it’s ashame that this poor little frog is now melted into a pot of goo, but at least he got to be famous with his last croak! See also that NASA are growing vegetables in Space!

Among the many ironic comments, this one made me laugh:

He was toad to hop it…

Haha, anyway here are some more epic photobombs

Chinese Obama Photobomb

And my personal favourite:

Parent Photobomb

 Also see below a crazy video account of the subject:

Why not checkout how the Mars Rover is getting on!