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A group of skilled ex-military personnel, and a team of local businesses and volunteers will be stars of the small screen when they appear on television tonight.

Kevin Godlington, a former Royal Engineer and Special Forces soldier, and presenter r for Channel 5’s Operation Homefront took on the challenge of turning a patch of jungle-like land in Ashton Park into a working garden, on behalf of Dig In North West.

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I think its fantastic, creating a brilliant garden out of nothing. It adds some real benefit to the community, and gives them somewhere to relax, walk round, and play. The variety of plants they use is second to none, I mean really, the quality of shrubs, bamboo, and perennials, really add colour, and summer greenery. Taking the time to create this gardening adventure has added value to themselves, and their friends. Perfect example of how others can really make quality planting arangements in their area.

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The Operation Homefront project brought together not only highly skilled veterans, but a vast team of local volunteers, extreme generosity from local businesses and amazing input from Preston City Council and their employees.

She added; “Kevin and his team inspired a whole community to come together and create this much valued garden, all in the worst weather conditions we had seen in a long while.”

The sitehas been created for people experiencing the emotional effects of active service, including post traumatic stress (PTSD).

Donna continued; “We have a sign on our cabin that says ‘To you this may just be a shed, but to me it is sanctuary’ and that is true of the whole garden.