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Mars Rover Has to Change its Tyres and Refuel

The Mars Rover has taken a pitstop on mars after a solid….2 MONTHS OF DRIVING! I mean seriously, why don’t they make cars out of this kind of stuff, then there would be no more need for breakdowns in the middle of winter! (Can you tell I’m bitter?). The Nasa robot will be using just its remote-sensing instruments. There is no expectation to drill. Curiosity plans to make five such.. Read More

The Famous Frog and Other Epic Photobombs

In the light of the infamous Frog that Photobombed the NASA launch, I have compiled my favourite photobombs from the world wide web! You can see the huffington post’s Frog Photobomb here, they have a photoshopped version of a frog in an astronauts suite that is priceless! Now it’s ashame that this poor little frog is now melted into a pot of goo, but at least he got to be.. Read More

Vegetables on the Moon

A joke? This is no joke! I have just read on the independants space news page that NASA are preparing to grow lettuce on the moon! So basically we will have floating farms that can be harvesed to people in space can eat fresh fruit and veg. Better than frogs at a NASA launch? I think not! The cost of food is one of the more pressing issues in modern.. Read More