Macrophylla, quercifolia, paniculata, involucrata, mophead, lacecap and snowball, black stemmed, rose tinted and good for autumn colour. Hydrangeas are the most generous of shrubs, so accommodating of their environment that some will even change colour depending on the acidity of the soil in which they find themselves. In mild coastal climes they grow with weed-like vigour. Over winter most growers leave their flowers in place, for although they are faded to a gentle fawn they are still beautiful and they protect the new growth. But there lies their newest appeal. French gardeners are reporting unexplained hydrangea rustling, whole plants being cut down in the night, apparently for their flowers and leaves, by thieves in search of a cheap high. Dried and mixed with tobacco, it is claimed they have much the same effect as cannabis. It should be noted, by anyone considering emulating the thieves, that in some forms they are also toxic.