What is it? Remember all the fuss about the vuvuzela four years ago? Think of this honeysuckle as the horticultural equivalent of this World Cup instrument of choice: loud, vigorous, and with a tendency to become ubiquitous. Has an eventual height and spread of 4m x 2m, so you’ll need a good strong support.

Plant it with? If you want to twine this honeysuckle into another climber, golden hop (Humulus lupulus ‘Aureus’) is the best choice: the hop leaves die back in winter, giving you a clear run at pruning the honeysuckle, which has semi-evergreen foliage. Or for a hot colour clash, grow it with the purple-red flowers of clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’.

And where? Full sun or partial shade and fertile, moist soil.

Any drawbacks? Unlike the honeysuckle of the hedgerows, this one’s unscented, but it makes up in colour – scarlet on the outside, bright orange inside – for what it lacks in perfume.

What else does it do? Honeysuckle of all kinds – UK native or not, and this one’s not – is a wildlife haven. The flowers, produced from July to September, lure bumblebees, butterflies and moths, including the curious hummingbird hawk moth, and birds will love the red berries.

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