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Snoop Lion – previously known as Snoop Dogg – has released a mixtape with his two teenage sons. Royal Fam, which is available now, features Calvin “Snoop” Broadus, Cordell “Dirty D” Broadus and Corde “Spanky Danky” Broadus trading verses under the name the Broadus Boyz.

“I wanted to do something with them and let them know that I love and appreciate them for what they do,” Snoop told Hip Hop Wired in a recent interview. “It’s encouraging to know that you inspire so many people, especially your own kids, and to be able to do it with them is a blessing.”

Royal Fam features 11 tracks over about 45 minutes, with beats by producers including Cardo, Silent Riot and KJ. There are lots of shout-outs to the “old lady” – Shante Taylor, Dirty D and Spanky Danky’s mum – plus Snoop’s promise to “keep the money in the family“.

Although it’s unclear whether Snoop’s sons plan to continue as MCs, Snoop revealed that he and Taylor have signed the kids to their management company. “We got em and we gonna put them in the right direction,” he said. “If they really wanna go full speed ahead, we’re gonna show them how to get it.” The couple’s daughter, Cori B, had a cameo on Reincarnated, the Snoop Lion album from earlier this year.

In other Snoop news, the rapper this week congratulated 70-year-old Ian Neale from Newport by phone, after Neale broke his own world record when he presented judges at the annual Malvern autumn show with a 95.96lb swede.

A long-time fan of the gardener, Snoop invited Neale to a concert via YouTube two years ago, when Neale won his first world record with a swede..