Gardens in Space are hard to come by, so we run through the top 5 space gardens, and some from this world that look, out of this world.

San Franciscans can’t get enough of community gardening these¬†days.

The latest project, a 0.66-acre site at the northwest corner of Frederick and Arguello streets called Golden Gate Park CommUNITY Garden, won’t even be completed until the end of the month, but there are already more than 270 people on a waiting¬†list.

The first tiny tree door, on the left, appeared in February in the roots of a tree in Golden Gate Park's concourse. Photo: Courtesy, Erica Reh

Above photo, making use of all the space they have!

NASA love the idea of gardens in space, as you can see they are trying to grow food up there!

Maybe we will one day grow apples in space! However, the fruit may not ripen on the moon, slightly colder than the earth! Gardening is always fun, but not when it’s -20 degrees!


This video is really cool, amazing space ace effects! Not as cool as that frog though, crazy! I wonder if we can program the mars rover to effectively end world hunger, by growing artifical food on mars, we can only hope!