A joke? This is no joke!Growing Lettuce on the Moon?

I have just read on the independants space news page that NASA are preparing to grow lettuce on the moon!

So basically we will have floating farms that can be harvesed to people in space can eat fresh fruit and veg. Better than frogs at a NASA launch? I think not!

The cost of food is one of the more pressing issues in modern space travel: sending food to astronauts costs around $10,000 per pound, International Space Station project scientist Howard Levine told Modern Farmer. As such, fresh produce is severely limited and growing crops on a large scale so costly that long-term benefits will not be seen anytime soon.

I can’t believe it, but hey, if it works, why not! The world is running short on food, and this sort of innovation can help solve the problem!

Al Fresco with a salad on the moon